If  you have stumbled upon this blog, chances are you have probably followed me from my previous wedding blogs. Yes. Blog”S”. I kept two wedding-related blogs. Why? I’m not quite sure. Perhaps this was the result of an over-zealous bride who just went a little crazy with the excitement of planning this joyous event… or maybe it was because I didn’t know how to express my loud internet persona and more introverted personal self in one voice so that both “interweb lurkers” and the actual wedding guests would find my wedding-related rants interesting, so I kept two separate blogs to  accommodate both tastes. At any rate, it was hard to keep up with both so I’ve started over and merged the two to form one mega planning blog. 

And honestly, I’m hoping that this would actually push me to get off my lazy ass and start planning this wedding… because Mr. Zombie and I really haven’t been these days. 

If you so happen to be a brand new blog lurker, here is the quick 411 on the Zombies: 

Mr. Zombie and I are two film geeks from Toronto. We met online a little over three years ago. We talked about movies and toys for a few months until we finally met on my 20th birthday. Since then we’ve been partners in crime. We’ve been co-habitating for over two years with our four cats, Leelu Dallas Multipass, Gandalf, Mac and Adolf Hitler (I swear we’re not racists. The cat just had the funny ‘stache). We’ve hitchhiked across the country, worked on movies together, collected art and toys, and have even formed a shadow cast troupe. Partners in crime, indeed. We finally got engaged in front of a movie theatre during the Toronto Zombie Walk in 2007. Now here we are, trying to plan a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed Halloween wedding. 

Sit back, relax and watch this planning phase kick us in the ass. I’m pretty sure it’ll be an entertaining ride.


One Response to “Greetings”

  1. Monique Alvarez Says:

    OMG!!! Congrats you two!! I think you two make a wonderful couple and my best wishes…. You two are making the wedding that i am dreaming for!!! GOOD LUCK! =)

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