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Simpsons and Weddings

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Mr. Zombie and I are huge fans of The Simpsons. Even in the story arch lull that happened in the last few years, we still continue to watch the new episodes religiously every Sunday evening (and all the older episodes that air five times a day on weeknights :P). We never really gave up on The Simpsons, and we were so happy to catch this week’s new episode because it was simply GOLD.

The episode featured Marge and Homer getting re-married for the umpteenth time. This time, they were doing it the fancy way. The references and in-jokes to the stereotypical modern wedding were so spot-on, we found ourselves in tears from laughing so hard. The episode delved into the “bridezilla syndrome” quite well (and even literally in some parts). My favourite line from the whole thing:

“There is no WE in WEDDING, Homer!”
“Yes there is… the… the first two….”

GOLD, I say. Great commentary on the modern wedding.  



On a side note: T-minus 7 MONTHS UNTIL THE WEDDING!


What’s on the menu so far?: A Groom’s Perspective

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** The following is an old blog entry written by Mr. Zombie. It’s a short and sweet explanation of our artery-clogging menu so far. 


This is about what’s for dinner. 

We will be having what can only be described as heaven on plate and one of the best things to come out of Quebec ever.

So far poutine is for dinner. There will be two versions. A chicken gravy, as well as a mushroom gravy version for our vegetarian friends.

There will be other food too, we just need to figure the rest out. Poutine is a lock in any case.

The STDs are out!… Sort of.

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One of the first projects I ever completed for the wedding were the STDs. I made magnets using my gocco, wood veneer cards and magnet tape. 


We kept them in a little bag for a few months until it was time to finally send them out. 


Now that we are about 7 months into the wedding, we’ve finally locked down our guest list, put these guys into little red envelopes and started delivering them. To save a bit of money, we only mailed the STDs for people living out of town. The rest are slowly being hand-delivered when we see that respective guest. 

One project down, a bazillion more to go!

Other wedding-projects semi-completed so far: 
– we put in our first deposit to our lovely fashion-designer friend, Ashley. Going to start my dress soon!
–  finalized details with our ceremony venue (the movie theatre). Going to drop the cheque tomorrow. We got a pretty sweet deal!

Our “I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-A-Guestbook!”

Posted in Details on Saturday, March 7, 2009 by nightmarewedding

When we first thought of guestbooks, we knew we wanted something slightly more unconventional than the little white book for strictly signatures. Even the polaroid guestbook didn’t feel right for us. We wanted something that wouldn’t just collect dust on a bookshelf, unopened and can’t always be enjoyed. 

We were at our favourite store, The Magic Pony when Mr. Zombie came up with a genius idea. 

“We should have a gigantic platform blank toy for our guestbook instead!” 

A platform blank toy is a vinyl figure that is customizable. Artists can paint it, write on it, put sculpey on it and pretty much do whatever they please. Customizing blank toys is one of our favourite pass-times so the idea was perfect. It would totally fit right into our giant toy collection!

roomUm… we might have to move some toys to make space, but it’ll fit.

Our eyes were originally set on buying a Mega Munny. 


The Mega Munny is the most popular of the platforms and is quite gigantic. Instead, we went with something more fun and more personal.

** This one is an example of an already customized ‘Gwin. I just loved the zombies 🙂

The Mega ‘Gwin was created by two friends of ours from California. Mr. Zombie does some video work for them for their weekly toy podcast. They are also a super geeky couple just like us and we really wanted to be able to showcase some of their awesome work in our wedding. They managed to secure a Mega ‘Gwin for us and we couldn’t be more stoked to have this big guy as our guestbook… err.. guestgwin. 

All we need to do is leave a few Sharpies and let the guests write/doodle anything they please! Neat, huh?