Simpsons and Weddings

Mr. Zombie and I are huge fans of The Simpsons. Even in the story arch lull that happened in the last few years, we still continue to watch the new episodes religiously every Sunday evening (and all the older episodes that air five times a day on weeknights :P). We never really gave up on The Simpsons, and we were so happy to catch this week’s new episode because it was simply GOLD.

The episode featured Marge and Homer getting re-married for the umpteenth time. This time, they were doing it the fancy way. The references and in-jokes to the stereotypical modern wedding were so spot-on, we found ourselves in tears from laughing so hard. The episode delved into the “bridezilla syndrome” quite well (and even literally in some parts). My favourite line from the whole thing:

“There is no WE in WEDDING, Homer!”
“Yes there is… the… the first two….”

GOLD, I say. Great commentary on the modern wedding.  



On a side note: T-minus 7 MONTHS UNTIL THE WEDDING!


One Response to “Simpsons and Weddings”

  1. Seriously?! Only 7 months? Jesus. I’m nervous and I’m not even getting married!!!

    I caught that Simpson’s ep too! Hilarious! I don’t always get to see the new ones cause usually my mum is watching HGTV or something (God bless the 8 eps a day weekdays! LOL) but I’m glad I saw this one!

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