Sneakers fit for my bridesmaids

When it comes to dressing my bridesmaids, my first priority is making sure they are comfortable. Hey, if they’re good enough friends to spend all that money on an outfit for your own wedding, the least you can do is make sure they get something they want to wear, right? I’ve made it a point to be open-minded about the bridesmaids attire. The girls are allowed to pick any black cocktail dress they like and accessorize in any way they think best expresses their own personalities. To tie everything together, they are all wearing matching footwear. The footwear of choice? Chuck Taylors.  

And why not? They look good. They can be worn again. They are affordable. The wedding parties shown above sure rocked them. Most importantly, they’re extremely comfortable. With the amount of standing, walking and the fact that both our venues being stair-centric being huge causes for concern, Chucks are the perfect fit not only for the groomsmen, but for my bridal party as well. Why do they have to slave away in stilettos while the boys can run around in flat, comfortable shoes?

Two of my three bridesmaids, Ramona and Lenore* went on an expedition today to purchase their wedding Chucks. I originally had my eyes set on the solid pumpkin-coloured high-tops. 


We figured that it was a pretty classic colour and therefore it wouldn’t be a problem to find. We were dead wrong. The only store in downtown Toronto that had these babies had neither of the sizes that my bridesmaids needed. We didn’t want the hassle of having to order the Chucks, so we quickly thought of other solutions to add a little bit of Halloween to a uniform, comfortable footwear. My bridesmaids came up with an even better idea:

blackchucks +orangeshoelaces = Awesomeness.

Two of my three bridesmaids now have their super badass wedding shoes and that makes me happy! The next task: thinking of what the bridesmaids can hold instead of the standard bouquet of fresh flowers during the ceremony. The original idea was to have them carry orange Chinese paper umbrellas. After looking at them in China Town earlier this afternoon, we quickly realized that while Chinese paper umbrellas look good when opened, they look more like a penis when closed and clutched in front of the body. Can anyone think of other fun alternatives to fresh flowers or phallic umbrellas?


* Not her real name, but she’s used this online pseudonym before so I will use this as well. 


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