And we’re ahead of the game!

I take back what I said about our reception venue. It has become the ex-boyfriend-turned-boyfriend-who-redeemed-himself. We finally managed to catch the event coordinator at the venue this afternoon and we got to sit down and sift through a lot of details.  In fact, we got through more than what we had planned to accomplish and it feels great!

We managed to figure out some set-up logistics, which gave us all of the answers we needed in order to move forward with everything from schedule to decoration. We know now exactly what projects to give the green light to and what to axe. We can also plan out our game plan for our day and how many slaves helpful friends we need to rally up for certain tasks.

We also got to pick our menu! We’ve both been huge fans of the food served in our venue and so we were really excited for this part. Our event coordinator was really helpful in figuring out how much food was adequate to order. It turned out that we were pretty bang-on with the amount of food we were thinking of ordering when we made the list last night. The bill, which we had over-estimated to accommodate a guest list of 90 wasn’t that painful either. In fact, we would be under-budget even with taxes and gratuities. 

We are pretty stoked about the food we decided on. Not only are there comfort favourites such as poutine and gourmet mini-burgers, but we also have a ton of awesome vegetarian hors d’ourves and other fancy finger-foods with even fancier names I can barely pronounce. Our bar will even include a special blue drinks that comes in a little glass vial for all our nerdy friends.

The best part of this meeting? There really was no hidden fees. All this time, we had been dreading about different prices popping up for this, that and the other thing… but practically everything was included in the costs we had initially talked about. Wow. Impressive.

So for now, everything is coming up Milhouse!


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