Registries will eat us alive.

So, Mr. Zombie and I went to our registry consultation today. Originally, we had been hesitant about setting up a wedding/shower registry. We have been more or less co-habitating since we first started dating, so we’ve accumulated everything we could possibly need to live comfortably (thank you, hand-me-downs and Ikea!). However, we don’t really have any really good necessities (ie. we only have one spare set of crappy bed sheets to alternate with our current one and barely any extra bath towels) which would probably come in handy at some point when we move out to a bigger place, so why not, right? It also saves us from receiving 50+ blenders because we didn’t register. After much thought, we finally decided to go with The Bay. It’s everywhere in Canada. It’s got everything you can possibly need under one roof. It’s also fairly decent with its pricing. Why not, right? It can’t be that hard to figure out a wish list from the Bay. 

Well, let me tell you… I don’t know about Mr. Zombie, but I thought my head was going to explode walking in there. I only go into The Bay about once a year, and for good reason… this department store is freakin’ HUGE! How could you possibly narrow down which set of pots & pans are better?! What’s the difference between this espresso maker and that one? They have vaccuums here too? What the heck is this doojiggy? Oh gosh, ADD alert! ADD alert! It was incredibly overwhelming. I was terrified of either going “scanner happy” and scan everything, or go completely catatonic and curl into a ball in the bath department from the decision overload. 

What also makes this a little bit difficult for us is that a lot of the things we are probably going to end up registering for are things that we won’t be using until we eventually relocate to a new home. Sure, we’d love to have a kitchen aid mixer and new fancypants bakeware, but we currently have a makeshift kitchen with a hot plate and a toaster oven. We have no space! What do you do when you don’t have space in your apartment for these things now? How would you plan ahead? How do you get excited for choosing things like place-mats and fancy bedding when you’ve been so content living on bare minimum for so long (and… well… spend most of your time drooling over toys and Apple products instead)? 

Long story short, we didn’t end up scanning anything that day. The registry consultant was nice enough to give us a good guideline of what would be a good idea to add to the registry and how to tackle it. She gave us a catalogue to look over so we can look through it at home and actually think things through before we attack the department store with the scanner. We have another appointment next week. 

Does anyone have any advice on registries?


3 Responses to “Registries will eat us alive.”

  1. My advice would be: get what you really need, or what you might eventually want but would never spring the money to buy yourself (aka: that Kitchenaid mixer). Don’t bother registering for the things you don’t want that the wedding-industrial complex tells you that you “need” to have. No one really needs two sets of china, and if you don’t have room for them or want them, why bother?

    I also wish we had done an ‘alternative’ registry (like a honeymoon registry, or the ones your do on Wishpot that consolidate stuff from different online stores). So what if scuba gear isn’t ‘traditional,’ it would’ve been awesome to get that stuff too!

  2. give yourself tasks and don’t try and do it all at once. Say to yourself “Today we’re going to go molest kitchen appliances and pick some out.” and then in a few weeks say “tomorrow, we’ll pick out kitchen china that’s not crappy and some flatware to go with it.” If you want something that you can’t find in the store, ask the lady and she’ll look it up on her computer to add to your registry. You can also add/delete things at home online for most stores.

    We tried to do it all in one day and were very sad folks. Oh, and bring water and snacks or plan on taking a food break. For some reason, looking at china patterns takes much longer than you think and makes you very hungry for fried food court food, resist that by bringing your own. That sad veggie hotdog I ate is 400 calories I want a do-over on.

  3. I second Sweet T. Scan only items you would LOVE to have but cringe at putting out the dollas on. Things you need and will use right away, towels, sheets etc.

    If you have somewhere to store bigger items you won’t need until you move at that would be helpful. Nothing sucks more than looking at boxes full of awesome things when you can’t take them out and use them! Also for bigger items think about what you would really use and if you would really take it out of its spot on a regular basis or if you could deal with it being on display all of the time. My sister bakes on a weekly basis so her Kitchen Aid mixer gets a work out but I know people who get them and then go “I’d use it if it wasn’t such an ordeal to get out so I just use my electric hand mixer” a lot of my friends LOVE their crockpot/slow cookers, they scoffed when they got them but now are in serious crockpot love.

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