Pick up. Barcode. Scan. Registry. Done!

Our first day with the scanner at The Bay was far from a serious shopping experience. How can it be for two incredibly immature schmucks like us? In overwhelming situations such as dealing with registries, we made the two hours worth our while by spouting out non-stop Gordon Ramsay jokes. We watch an unhealthy amount of Food Network, particularly his shows, so we found great amusement in his product endorsement.  

It started out with an expensive line of fine china in the “OMG, I will break everything in this department if I spent another five minutes here” section of the store. 


Mr. Zombie felt it was appropriate to put Mr. Ramsay in his place for selling over-priced china. There was nothing particularly special about his plates. They were all plain white and boring. 



I felt bad that Mr. Ramsay had gotten so much flak from my fiance, so I leaned on his shoulder and gave him some lovin’ for a while… 


When we were done with the fine china, we went downstairs to the everyday kitchen section to find more of his products. Mr. Ramsay had a cookware set on sale for $800+. The set included this incredibly tiny fisher price toy of a saucepan, an $85 value. The saddest part of this experience? Actually falling in love with the cookware set. Ramsay or not, these were the best damn pots and pans we’ve ever held. They had a good heft to them. Alas, we opted to be a bit mindful of our price points and walked away from the fancy Ramsay cookware. 

When we got tired of the Ramsay jokes, we got right to business (well, as business as it can get) and scanned away at possible gift ideas. Red and black casserole dishes…. A Cuisinart mixer with the food processor and blender attachments… red candy stiped 500 thead count bedsheets… red fluffy towels… nothing too fancy. 


From this experience, I’ve compiled a small list of things you would need during a day of registering at the Bay… a few of which are featured in the photo above: 

– a phone with your mother/FMIL on speed dial: who is better for home advice than a concerned parent? While they weren’t physically present in the experience, both our moms were very much involved in figuring out what to register for. They must have called four times to add more to our list. “Hey, honey, how about a good electric fan? A fancy rice cooker?” 

– an energy drink: Registering, especially in larger department stores, can be extremely exhausting. Luckily, Mr. Zombie and I came prepared with cans of RedBull, which probably helped in making this experience all the more enjoyable.

– a camera: cameras are not just good for documenting the hilarity of your misadventures, but it’s also good for taking photos of products that you might want to refer to later on. When you’re looking at a list at the end of the day, trying to remember what the heck you registered for, the photos would come in handy.  It’s also good when you’re unsure about scanning it the first time and want to mull it over another time. 

We still have to back another time to scan more items. What are some registry ideas you guys think we should register for? 


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