Two rings to rule them all

Wedding rings. They are the two of the most important physical objects to think about when planning a wedding, and yet Mr. Zombie and I seem to somehow keep forgetting about them. I mean, c’mon… we are not jewelry people. If it’s not pierced on us permanently, we hardly ever wear it. It took me a while to get used to wearing an engagement ring on my finger… not because it was hard to get used to the title, but because I usually never wear rings. What’s worse: I always seem to lose every ring I own!* Mr. Zombie and I are also picky about the jewelry we wear. We’re not the bling type. We usually prefer not to go for the sparkles of diamonds for aesthetic and ethical reasons. We just wanted something simple, practical, but also personal to us.

 We finally got around to contacting Steelwerks, the jewelry artisan we wanted to commission for our rings. Chris hails from Montreal, and he specializes in clean and gorgeous steel jewelry. He was the artist behind my engagement ring. 

Photo 144

We gave him a very general idea of what we wanted. It’s up to him to work his magic. We’re pretty excited.

Out of curiosity, to other married and married-to-be couples out there: how much was your budget on wedding rings? While the quote Mr. Zombie and I were given was pretty reasonable, especially for custom-jewelry, we never really figured out what the average cost of wedding rings were for couples. Everyone we talked to so far seems to be very torn on this topic as well. 


* I’ve admittedly almost lost my engagement ring once or twice so far. That is why I’ve invested in ring holders to keep around the house.


2 Responses to “Two rings to rule them all”

  1. This reminds me of my cousin and her wedding. It turned out to be quite an amazing setting and situation after they got everything together. Honestly, it surprised us all, but we were very happy for the both of them.

  2. We bought an antique ring for my engagement ring, so that we could have a bigger budget for the wedding bands. We budgeted out about $1,000 for the rings, and ended up finding a fabulous artist who used recycled gold and spent $300 for everything.

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