Damn you, careless postal workers!!!

I received terrible news the other day. 

I had commissioned a very talented milliner, Creepsuela Switchletto to make my wedding hat. It’s going to be a really awesome mini top hat with a burlesque flare. I even sent her some of my dress fabric so that it would match my dress. After a few months of waiting (I insisted that she could take her time on my hat order since the wedding is so far away), she finally sent me a message last week informing me that my hat was done. Yay! Just in time for my first appointment with Provocouture Studios to start my dress! Creepsuela boxed up the hat carefully and sent it on its merry way.

A few days later, it arrived back at her front doorstep. The box was all tattered and squished. The hat was virtually destroyed with water damage. I feel terrible about it. It’s not because I’ve been inconvenienced, but I feel really bad that all of Creepsuela’s hard work was wasted because a postal worker was careless with the package. She has to start over from scratch. Thankfully, I still have four months left and there’s still plenty of time to make a new hat. Still, no one should have to make a product twice because the post office screwed up. I’m sorry, Creepsuela!

I shake my fist at you, postal workers!!!

The lesson here for future brides: always start early with projects and commission things early. That way, if stupid things like this happen, you still have plenty of time and little to no reason to fret about replacing it. 


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