T-minus 4 months…

So far in wedding planning, we have accomplished:

– figured out basic reception details (ie. some logistics, menu, estimated cost)
– locked down ceremony venue
– roughly planned out wedding cupcakes
– found my wedding shoes!
– wedding dress planned, wedding hat on the way.
– bridesmaids’ outfits are attained
– two of three groomsmen outfits attained
– Princess Lasertron flowers are ordered
– bridal shower invites are sent out (you rock, Ramona!)
– 2 of 3 registries completed
– locked down officiant
– hotel room reserved for wedding night 
– invitation mock-ups completed
– favour tags are done 
– secured the best photographer ever! 
– finalize guest list 



– finalize reception decor and how to execute it within parametres of set-up schedule
– make programs and send them to printers’
– make and send out invitations
– build a podium for the ceremony
– write vows/ceremony with officiant
– find groom’s  outfit
– alter wedding party outfits (silkscreen project!)
– start making my wedding dress
–  make signs for guestbook/photobooth/money box
– build money box
– finalize reception and cake details
– make arrangements with hotel for out-of-town guests
– favours and wedding party presents
– make a movie poster for the wedding 
– figure out mini-moon (honeymoon will commence in 2010!) 

……. oh jebus. There’s still a lot of stuff to do….


One Response to “T-minus 4 months…”

  1. girlonthepark Says:

    Hooray for getting stuff done! 🙂
    You sound like you have got a good handle on things but feel free to deligate when you need to.

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