Zombie shoes! I haz ’em!

Remember those Zombie shoes I drooled over a few months back? Well, ever since then, the damn shoes haunted me. It was featured on blogs that I followed on my GoogleReader. It was in the very few magazines that I read. It was talked about by friends of mine who didn’t even know that I blogged about them on this wedding blog. I had hesitated to buy them beforehand because I was afraid that they might be too tall for my clumsy non-stiletto-wearing feet, but I could still have a back-up pair incase my feet got tired, I would have an arm (my dad, and later Mr. Zombie) that I could hold onto when walking down the aisle, and I could just simply take them off while going up and down “the staircase of death” to get to the cinema stage. I had options. My feet can survive a day for zombie shoes!

Well, when I finally decided that the zombie shoes were  the perfect wedding shoes for me, Murphy’s Law also took effect. They were NOWHERE to be found in Toronto. I couldn’t find any stores online who would ship them to Canada. eBay didn’t have them in my puny size 6. A mad search was conducted. Twitter friends from all over North America hit every  alternative store to look for them: in LA, San Francisco, Vegas, Chicago… hell, even in Alaska. 

Well, it took a couple of months, but a friend of Mr. Zombie’s finally tracked them down somewhere in Ohio. The package arrived yesterday, and all I can say is “sweet freakin’ victory”!


It’s funny. I never thought I would go this crazy looking for a pair of shoes. Footwear was never something I dwelled on. Originally I was going to wear second-hand $10 boots from Value Village (which I just scuffed up too much in my shadow casting days), but these babies just called out to me. Call it my magical bride moment. Since I don’t get to go to a bridal store to find my perfect dress, I may as well get the experience with the shoes, right?

Now… to learn how to walk in stiletto heels…


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