RSVP Postcards


Remember this gruesome-yet-cute zombie illustration I did of Zombie Mr.-err-Zombie and I eating Tim Burton? When I was drawing it, I really had no idea what the heck I could use it for, but I knew it had to be shown somewhere. In the previous blog entry, I had mentioned that I was toying with the idea of using this for the RSVPs. Well, I finally got these babies printed in postcard form for the RSVP postcards! 

I ordered them from The Printing House. They are quite a huge chain in Canada and I’ve been referred to them countless of times by many businesses. I liked that there was no minimum amount to print so I wasn’t stuck with a bunch of postcards that I wouldn’t know what to do with. They printed on a thick 4×6 cardstock, glossy and colour on one side, matte and black & white on the other. All 60 postcards cost me about $55, which isn’t too shabby. It’s at least cheaper than what making RSVP stationery with matching envelopes would have cost… not to mention a lot less paper was wasted in the process. They also look pretty damn awesome! 

For anyone who is interested, this is what it says on the back of the card: 


Kindly reply by the 28th of September, 2009!

Guest: ___________________________

(checklists: will be attending/will not be attending)


Describe briefly what you would do to survive in the event of a Zombie apocalypse.



Yes. That’s right. We want to know what you would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. We know you all have at least thought about it once… perhaps even entertained the idea with a friend over dinner, or discussed it after watching a George Romero film with a loved one. I know Mr. Zombie and I have our plan of action. Hey, people have to be prepared, damn it. 

The invitations are now halfway done, thanks to the enormous help from my lovely slaves bridesmaids. Just a few more snips and glue dots to go and they’ll be ready to ship!


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