Showered with presents and CUPCAKES!

Today was seemingly the first day of REAL summer here in Toronto. The sun was shining and the it was warm for once. A damn perfect day to hold a bridal shower!


My mom, FMIL and bridesmaids had been planning this event for weeks. Admittedly, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of having a bridal shower at first. I wasn’t too thrilled on throwing a party that focused only on me, and I grew up with having mostly guys as friends so I didn’t know what to expect from a backyard full of estrogen. It was something my mom had insisted I should experience, and in the end I’m really glad I did this because man… my bridal shower was so much fun!

My parents hosted the event at their house in the suburbs. They had been doing some minor renovations to this house for weeks, making sure that the backyard was all prettyfied for the big event. In typical Filipino fashion, my parents also went all out on the food and prepared a feast that could probably feed a small country. While they took care of the hosting and the food, my FMIL flew in from Ottawa and took care of the games. The bridesmaids took care of decor and logistics. They also started the cupcake trend that my shower ended up following.

Women from different parts of my life all got together today at my parents backyard, which was really interesting to experience. I had a couple of childhood friends who knew me since I was 11, a couple of people from work and film school, and a huge chunk were girls from my shadow cast. My relatives (including my adorable baby niece Stella) as well as Alex’s aunt, cousin and godmother were also in attendance. Seeing many people you love together in one spot was the highlight of the whole thing, and it really made me realize how special our wedding would be just to have them all there too.

Also, I must admit that getting presents is always freakin’ sweet! I felt like I was five-years old having a kids party with people showering me with snazzy presents… only this time I was getting a little too excited over salad bowls, bedsheets and spice racks (… have I really gotten this old?!). Registry aside, I was really impressed at how well these women knew me (even if most of them failed the “How well do you know Mr. and Miss Zombie” game FMIL Zombie had). 90% of them got red and black wrapping paper, which meant that my paper plate hat was coordinated in a super epic way!


While I opened presents, Ramona was sitting beside me, deeply concentrated as she constructed this paper plate hat using bows and tissue paper from the gifts. Yes. It was totally made of awesome.


We spent an entire afternoon playing games, opening presents and eating. Once we were stuffed with food and cupcakes, MORE cupcakes showed up at the end of the shower when my wedding cake baker, Lena showed up with a batch. She also had quick prototypes of our wedding cupcakes. They are as yummy as they look.


I’m still bouncing off the sugar high I’m on right now from the amount of cupcakes I’ve eaten. I’m sure everyone still is. My Facebook News Feed is flooded with comments about cupcakes.

Anyway, here are some fun photos from the day. Best. Shower. Ever.










(My baby niece was the youngest shower attendee. Not going to lie… she made my ovaries tingle).

To all the women who shared their estrogen to the shower: Thank you so much for coming and giving me some love! 🙂


One Response to “Showered with presents and CUPCAKES!”

  1. Marc Concepcion Says:

    Hi Kim.

    Congratulations and you’re about to get married in just a few weeks.
    Wish for the best to you and Alex.

    Hope to come back to Canada soon.
    I miss Tim Horton’s.



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