Minimoon is booked!

We call it the minimoon because the real honeymoon will commence in spring of 2010 when Mr. Zombie and I venture off into the far lands of Asia and USA for a month’s worth of multi-city backpacking misadventures. Since this expedition was going to be so big, we decided that the right-after-wedding-getaway had to be significantly smaller. We had thought about flying somewhere exotic and do one of those resort packages that were typical choices for honeymoons, but instead we decided to stay close to home despite the cold late fall weather. 

We decided to go to Montreal. 

Montreal is one of our favourite cities in Canada. It’s got a thriving art scene, amazing history and most importantly it has some of the best poutine dishes around (not to mention the Montreal smoked meat and the yummy Montreal bagels, Omnomnomnom!). We had only been there twice together in the span of our relationship, but during both times we were always too busy to really explore the city. Montreal is also Mr. Zombie’s city of birth. 

One of the main attractions we are looking forward to is the very place we are staying in. It is a cozy little Bed and Breakfast in the middle of the city that is named after one of my most favourite books of all time: Le Petit Prince. Mr. Zombie had discovered this little gem a couple of years ago when we both decided that we were in desperate need for a vacation (we ended up not going there though and went to his family cottage instead). This place looks absolutely adorable in photos. Each room in the house has a different colour theme, some of which had hot tubs (a luxury that neither of us have frequent access to), a fireplace and a private balcony. It seems like the perfect peaceful atmosphere for newlyweds. We’re excited. We booked our room this week!

To lessen the travel stress, Mr. Zombie and I also decided to ditch the rental car idea* and travel in style by train. We were fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of the Via Rail seat sale at the end of July so we got our tickets at 60% off. Win win!

So, yes… our minimoon is booked. I can’t wait for a relaxing vacation after all the wedding planning stress!


* Driving would have been insane, especially in Montreal where almost every driver seems like a maniac. Sorry I’m generalizing, but I feared for my life every time we drove around Montreal… 


4 Responses to “Minimoon is booked!”

  1. Words and Steel Says:

    OMG that is AMAZING. You know how much I love the Little Prince, right?! Looks like it’s going to be a great minimoon!

    -Sweet T

  2. We’re eloping in Montreal in September (shhhhh) because it’s our fave city! We go every year(sometimes twice!) we usually stay in b&b’s but this time we scored a deal at the Fairmont on so were staying in the same place that John and Yoko did(although not in the same room as it cost 800 dollars a night!!!)
    It’s a foodies city for sure! Your going to have sooo much fun!

  3. Dear– I read this today and immediately thought of you and your mister. It’s a new song called “my body’s a zombie for you.” and it’s good, for real!

  4. Sounds like a great minimoon! Although I’m sure there is much better food in Montreal, I can’t visit that city without hitting up LaFleur’s at least once. Poutine + steamé hot dogs + le Pepsi = HEAVEN!!!

    As for the drivers, both of my parents are from Montreal and they always said, “In any other province in Canada, the drivers will slow down for a pedestrian to avoid hitting them. In Quebec, the drivers speed up and try to hit them.”

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