Evolution of the dress Part I: Epic Fabric of Epicness

T-minus two months until the wedding and I believe this will be my very first wedding dress post.

I’m going to level with you guys… I haven’t really thought much about my dress. My mind had been wrapped up in all the other details (ie. crafting, finances and of all things… my damn wedding mini-hat) that the dress sort of  got pushed off to the side. It’s not that I’m not excited about it or anything. I just had other things to think about. I also know that the task of the wedding dress was in good, trusting hands. 

Ashley of Provocotoure Studios was an old neighbour and friend of ours. She’s an incredibly talented fashion designer who can really pull off outfits with both edge and class. Everything she’s done has been one of a kind. She works hard and she works fast. I’ve seen her plow through custom orders (wedding dresses included) in under three weeks and they look like a million dollars. She’s a goddess of fabric manipulation.

My wedding dress has been on her drawing book since Mr. Zombie and I got engaged. From the get-go, I had very little requirements for the dress: 

– It had to be loud, yet classy (after all, it is Halloween)
– It had to show off as much cleavage as possible (hey, I need proof for my grandchildren that I was once a hot babe)
–  It had to be something that I can wear again (because I was not about to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress I can only wear once, thanks)

We both looked at Burlesque costumes, more particularly photos of Dita Von Teese for inspiration. 

ditafree-013 ditafree-078

The rest of it, I left to her creative hands. She hasn’t turned me down so far. The evolution of my dress from her sketches has been, well… pretty freakin’ epic. 

Case in point: 


Here is a preview of the corset fabric Ashley had custom embroidered for me while she was away in Alberta for a few weeks. This started out as plain pewter silk fabric. Look at her genius work! Just look at it*! This is all I have so far of the epic wedding dress, and I couldn’t be more excited. Hottest. Corset. Ever. 


* err… and don’t mind the crappy iPhone photo. I swear, I will get a new camera someday!


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