Because we look better as zombies


Here is the second zombie illustration I did of Mr. Zombie and I for our wedding. I’m not 100% sure on what to use it for, but I reckon it’ll probably end up being the programme covers. You like?

I wonder if there are couples out there who would want to have a zombified illustration of them. I could draw stuff like this all day!


6 Responses to “Because we look better as zombies”

  1. this is totally freakin’ adorable. love it.

    i can’t believe how close it is to your wedding! how excited/stressed are you right now?!

    – sweet t
    (psst- i follow you on twitter but i don’t think you know it’s me!)

  2. I follow your food blog twitter. Do you have another one?

    The wedding is getting pretty close. I’m mostly freaking out to be honest. There’s a shitload of stuff to do still!

  3. I do I do!!
    I would love to see us as zombies!!!

    Your wedding is super close! I am excited for you!!

  4. Awesome invitation!

  5. Jessica and Daniel Says:

    We would just love for you to do this for us as wedding invites. We have set a far off date, 10/31/11, but I hope you will get back to me. Daniel and I are the biggest of zombie dorks and this would really make a perfect start to a lifetime of braaaaiiinnnnnssssss.

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