How to fight the sick

Now that the wedding and honeymoon are over, my body is now in pure vedging mode. It also seemed to allow itself to do what it’s been trying to do for the past month: catch a bad cold. While I’ve been suffering through the sore throat, runny nose and general unpleasantness that come with being sick, I’m actually kind of relieved that I got this now, during my extra downtime at home before going back to work instead of say… I don’t know… during the wedding?

Anyone who knows me will probably agree that I’ve got the shittiest immune system. If there was a cold going around, I was bound to catch it. Between being around friends and family who were sick, the Canadian fall weather flip-flopping drastically and running around constantly trying to finish last minute projects on top of a bazillion other things, I was absolutely terrified of getting sick around the same time as our wedding. As a result, I became almost OCD when it came to taking health precautions weeks before our big day. It had helped me greatly. I didn’t get sick*.

Aside from the usual eating healthy , upping the vitamin intake and washing my hands frequently, here is the one essential thing I swear by to avoid getting sick for the wedding (or in general… because really, who likes being sick?).


Oil of Wild Oregano. You can find them at any health food store. It is a natural healing superhero in a bottle. Just take a few drops of this baby under your tongue, gulp it down with a big glass of orange juice and that’s it. Truthfully, it does take like ass (hence why you have to gulp it down with juice), but it works really well.

I had been taking oil of oregano drops twice a day in the weeks leading up to the wedding. When I forgot it at home the night before our big day, I ran to the nearest health food store to get a new bottle. It saved me, Lenore AND even Mr. Zombie from the dreaded worsening sore throat that we all started feeling the day before! It also saved us from getting sick during the honeymoon… we even shared a tender moment with the woman running the B&B when we all took oregano drops together after breakfast (she had a Costco size bottle).

So make sure you’ve got oil of oregano in your bride kit. It’ll save you from the sniffles (well, at least until everything is done and you can afford to vedge in bed with your box of Kleenex and a bowl of chicken soup)!

* Save for the weekend before when I managed to get a really mild cold and pink eye from the annual zombie walk. The Oil of Oregano and some special eyedrops saved me out of that one in less than 48 hours!


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