Happy Four Year Dateaversary, Mr. Zombie!

Dear Mr. Zombie,

It’s been four years since we’ve met. Four years since that cold, snowy night when we argued about David Cronenberg, shared an awkward racist moment and you declined to buy me a bagel at Timmies even though it was my birthday. Looking back on it now, that date really could have ended horribly, yet here we are… married, with a brigade of four spoiled rotten cats, creating a lot of art together and still very crazy for each other. Let’s keep up the love, yes?

A proposal for today: since they’re shutting down our beloved first date theatre, the Carlton Cinemas this weekend ( those bastards! Damn them all to hell!), I propose that we re-create that hilarious movie night (minus the cronenberg) where it all began. My treat (and no, I won’t hold this against you like that bagel I mentioned earlier… )! Sound snazzy? Yes?

I love you, Poopie! Happy dateaversary!

– Mrs. Zombie 🙂


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