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How to fight the sick

Posted in Details on Sunday, November 8, 2009 by nightmarewedding

Now that the wedding and honeymoon are over, my body is now in pure vedging mode. It also seemed to allow itself to do what it’s been trying to do for the past month: catch a bad cold. While I’ve been suffering through the sore throat, runny nose and general unpleasantness that come with being sick, I’m actually kind of relieved that I got this now, during my extra downtime at home before going back to work instead of say… I don’t know… during the wedding?

Anyone who knows me will probably agree that I’ve got the shittiest immune system. If there was a cold going around, I was bound to catch it. Between being around friends and family who were sick, the Canadian fall weather flip-flopping drastically and running around constantly trying to finish last minute projects on top of a bazillion other things, I was absolutely terrified of getting sick around the same time as our wedding. As a result, I became almost OCD when it came to taking health precautions weeks before our big day. It had helped me greatly. I didn’t get sick*.

Aside from the usual eating healthy , upping the vitamin intake and washing my hands frequently, here is the one essential thing I swear by to avoid getting sick for the wedding (or in general… because really, who likes being sick?).


Oil of Wild Oregano. You can find them at any health food store. It is a natural healing superhero in a bottle. Just take a few drops of this baby under your tongue, gulp it down with a big glass of orange juice and that’s it. Truthfully, it does take like ass (hence why you have to gulp it down with juice), but it works really well.

I had been taking oil of oregano drops twice a day in the weeks leading up to the wedding. When I forgot it at home the night before our big day, I ran to the nearest health food store to get a new bottle. It saved me, Lenore AND even Mr. Zombie from the dreaded worsening sore throat that we all started feeling the day before! It also saved us from getting sick during the honeymoon… we even shared a tender moment with the woman running the B&B when we all took oregano drops together after breakfast (she had a Costco size bottle).

So make sure you’ve got oil of oregano in your bride kit. It’ll save you from the sniffles (well, at least until everything is done and you can afford to vedge in bed with your box of Kleenex and a bowl of chicken soup)!

* Save for the weekend before when I managed to get a really mild cold and pink eye from the annual zombie walk. The Oil of Oregano and some special eyedrops saved me out of that one in less than 48 hours!


Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE!

Posted in Details, Friendors with tags , , , , on Tuesday, October 20, 2009 by nightmarewedding

Less than two weeks until the wedding and we are starting to receive products from our vendors. It’s a strange feeling when you first see the tactile outcome of all your hypothetical and conceptual discussions that happened who knows how many moons ago. I think this of all things probably makes the wedding feel more real now.

We received our wedding rings in the mail last week. For a few months, we had been emailing and making long distance calls back and forth with our awesome jewelry artisan, Chris from Steelwerks in Montreal. Working with Chris on our rings was a wonderful experience. He was honest and incredibly thorough. He really made sure that we got exactly what we had wanted, but also threw in some awesome ideas to get the full effect of the concept we had envisioned. The process from the final sketches on the drawing board to the shipping was also quite speedy for custom work. In short: we HIGHLY recommend working with Steelwerks for all your stainless steel/titanium jewelry needs!

Now the ring design. Our original concept was for the rings to connect at the top somehow. This isn’t because we wanted to symbolically portray two lives becoming one or anything… it was because we wanted to be able to randomly give each other props while shouting “WONDER TWIN POWERS ACTIVATE!”

Yea. We’re serious when we say that we’re just that full of geek cred.

So, this funny little idea shared with Chris resulted in this:



I was drooling on my iPhone screen when Chris first sent me these photos. Mr. Zombie almost made me deaf when he squealed like a happy little school girl after I forwarded him the email. No words can describe how perfect they are… except for maybe “Wonder Twin Powers, ACTIVATE!”


The rings lock in so well! As soon as we got them, we had been playing with them and giving demos to all of our friends. We didn’t even need to say what cheeseball pop culture reference we were inspired by… every single person we showed them to squealed the famous line and reminisced about their hilarious misadventures.

The rings also came with a wonderful surprise:


Who needs Paloma’s Nest* when you’ve got a super badass custom stainless steel ring holder that locks your rings in perfectly? Most importantly… this solid piece of work can kill zombies if the zombie apocalypse should arise… just sayin’. ;P

Thanks Chris for making the best wedding rings ever! We’ll be sure to stop by when we’re in Montreal!

* Nothing against Paloma’s Nest of course. I do think the bowls are cute… it’s just that whenever I think of wedding ring bowls I automatically think of them because it seems like everyone’s ordered a Paloma’s Nest for their jewelry holding needs.

Because we look better as zombies

Posted in Details on Saturday, September 26, 2009 by nightmarewedding


Here is the second zombie illustration I did of Mr. Zombie and I for our wedding. I’m not 100% sure on what to use it for, but I reckon it’ll probably end up being the programme covers. You like?

I wonder if there are couples out there who would want to have a zombified illustration of them. I could draw stuff like this all day!

Licensed to Wed and a Groom is dressed!

Posted in Details, Outfit on Saturday, September 12, 2009 by nightmarewedding

These days it’s rare for Mr. Zombie and I to have a day off together. Our work schedules are always different, so in the rare occasion that we do have a day off, we make the best of it. In this particular day off, we opted to accomplish a lot of wedding-related tasks.


First and foremost, we had to get our marriage license from the Toronto City Hall. In the province of Ontario, marriage licenses are valid for three months. We had been told that this would be both an exciting and lame experience, which was so true. Dealing with the government offices, with its stale-coloured walls, forms and number sequences are never fun. However, seeing all the smiling faces of couples about to elope and the pleasant license-granting workers made it all the more warm and cozy.


The entire process took about half an hour, a flash of our IDs and $130. It was that simple. Mr. Zombie and I are officially licensed to wed!

The next errand on our agenda was finding the perfect wedding outfit for the groom. For this, we headed down to the trusty Canadian menswear store, Moores to pick out a snazzy suit. For all you Canadian television watchers, Moores was responsible for quite possibly the most tear-jerking, ovaries-tingling commercial about a couple getting married with the tagline “And while everyone is looking at her, she will be looking at you”. Needless to say, we had been making jokes the entire day about this trip. But I tell you… the damn ad was true. As soon as we found the perfect suit for Mr. Zombie (which really only took all of 15 minutes and three different outfit choices), I had a happy tear or two down my cheek at how handsome he looked. (I know… you can go vomit a kitten now).


Mr. Zombie was adamant on wearing all black for the wedding. Black suit, black chucks, black tie. And why not? He looks like a badass white guy who so happened to become an honourary Asian mobster. Hubba hubba.


The suit is a stripled black-on-black two piece (because, really… who needs the cheesy vest?). The jacket was the perfect fit and the only tailoring required was shortening the pant legs. It’ll look awesome with the appliqué he’s planning to embellish the suit with!


To tie in some of my dress to his, he got a grey silk kerchief to put on his jacket breast pocket. Finding the perfect tie took the longest. The wonderful French-Canadian gentleman who served us was adamant that a plain black tie was only appropriate for funerals and not weddings and brought us many different “offbeat” choices for ties. In the end, he found us an awesome black on black striped silk tie that matched the suit perfectly.


While we were there, we also found the perfect ties for the groomsmen. They are black and orange striped ties (sorry the iPhone image sucks and shows the black as blue!) and they were one of the extremely few ties with the perfect shade of orange on them (Seriously… do people have a serious hate on orange? Why are they so hard to find?). The groomsmen will look pretty hot this Halloween!

After a long afternoon of wedding tasking (we had more done, but I will save this for another blog entry), Mr. Zombie and I celebrated with some fresh mango bubble tea. It’s hard to believe that there is less than two months left until our big day. There’s still a lot of tasks left to accomplish, but getting the bigger priority items out of the way is such a relief!

The Zombie invitation

Posted in Details with tags , , , , on Monday, July 27, 2009 by nightmarewedding

It took two Sundays and an assembly line of bridesmaids, but the invitations are finally done! 


(sorry for the crappy iPhone photo. I am sans camera at the moment. Will take better photos next time)

The invitations were inspired by the Pumpkin door to Halloween Town that is seen in the forrest at the beginning of Nightmare Before Christmas. One of my favourite aesthetic from the film that I wanted to incorporate into the invitations was the roughness of the lines and the texture in the scenery. I picked a textured black linen paper from the Paper Place and chose to block print the tree to get that feel. I carved two linoleum blocks to make the tree (one for each side of the trifold, which was cut from an 8.5×11 sheet and folded from scratch) and used a brayer and silver block printing ink to stamp the halves on, one at a time. The pumpkin was also made with a homemade linoleum stamp, printed on orange textured linen paper and cut to form. When the ink was dry, it was adhered to the invitation with a medium glue dot. Tada! You have a door!

The biggest pain in the ass about the trifold, especially when you have thick card gravel-coloured card stock glue-dotted on the inside with all the info is that the sides tend to pop up on you and never stay shut. This was remedied with a vellum slip. I got the idea from my mom’s friend’s wedding invitation, who had a similar trifold set up as we did. To add a bit more Nightmare Before Christmas flare to the invitation, I printed a photo of Lock, Shock and Barrel and the words of the famous musical opening lines: “Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange?” They were printed multiple times on regular 8.5 x 11 vellum, cut into strips and stuck together with a glue dot. 

The inside is actually pretty plain, I have to admit. Just regular ol’ gravel card stock with black and orange words on ’em with info concerning the wedding. Perhaps one day I will take a photo of the inside. In the mean time, here is our formal invitation wording (which I wrote in what I thought to be something Tim Burton would do had he written the invitation his way):

Dearly Beloved,
An announcement must be said
By proud parents and their children to be wed.

Mr. Zombie


Miss Zombie

Invite you on this spooky day of Halloween,
to gather before the silver screen,
then later have cocktails and poutine,
and witness a wedding you’ve never yet seen. 

On the right side of the trifold, there is a small sheet glue-dotted on the flap, which includes our “wedsite”, hotel information, venue addresses and a simplified map that I painstakingly drew on Illustrator. No registry details since we had no room. That info is on the “wedsite” anyway. 


The envelopes were A7 size in a matte gravel colour. I incorporated my silhouette rendition of the graveyard, spiral hill and the treehouse by goccoing the illustration to the back of the envelope. The addresses were printed on clear labels in the Burton’s Nightmare font. Our return address is on the front side and each envelope is sealed with a round black sticker with a spider web stamp on it. 

Et voila, invitations ala Zombie. The whole thing cost me about $3.20 per invitation, which is pretty freakin’ sweet. 


What I’ve learned from the invitation making process: 

– always buy extra paper and supplies incase you screw up.
– always measure more than once. Remember, you only have one chance at cutting them.
– no matter how simple it was to make your mock-up, making it multiple times over (in my case, 60 times) will still make you want to kill yourself.
– always accept help when making them. My bridesmaids were absolute super stars helping me make these and I couldn’t have done it so fast without them.
– vellum adhesives are made from the bowels of hell. Glue dots are your best friend. 
– best to wrap the vellum around the invitation as you are doing it instead of pre-folding them. We pre-made the sleeves only to find out that they were a wee bit too small to fit the invitations and had to re-fold and seal them all over again 😦 
– keep your addresses organized! I didn’t and it took me a bazillion hours to track down each one 😦

The biggest eye-opener for me when making these invitations was realizing how many people I actually knew. I had always been a really quiet person with very little social life, but after going through the guest list process and having to make some tough decisions about who to send invitations to, I realize that… damn… Mr. Zombie and I know a shitload of people. But hey, if anything, it really makes you dwell on who you love the most, right? 

Alrighty, off to the post office I go to mail these babies!

RSVP Postcards

Posted in Details on Monday, July 20, 2009 by nightmarewedding


Remember this gruesome-yet-cute zombie illustration I did of Zombie Mr.-err-Zombie and I eating Tim Burton? When I was drawing it, I really had no idea what the heck I could use it for, but I knew it had to be shown somewhere. In the previous blog entry, I had mentioned that I was toying with the idea of using this for the RSVPs. Well, I finally got these babies printed in postcard form for the RSVP postcards! 

I ordered them from The Printing House. They are quite a huge chain in Canada and I’ve been referred to them countless of times by many businesses. I liked that there was no minimum amount to print so I wasn’t stuck with a bunch of postcards that I wouldn’t know what to do with. They printed on a thick 4×6 cardstock, glossy and colour on one side, matte and black & white on the other. All 60 postcards cost me about $55, which isn’t too shabby. It’s at least cheaper than what making RSVP stationery with matching envelopes would have cost… not to mention a lot less paper was wasted in the process. They also look pretty damn awesome! 

For anyone who is interested, this is what it says on the back of the card: 


Kindly reply by the 28th of September, 2009!

Guest: ___________________________

(checklists: will be attending/will not be attending)


Describe briefly what you would do to survive in the event of a Zombie apocalypse.



Yes. That’s right. We want to know what you would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. We know you all have at least thought about it once… perhaps even entertained the idea with a friend over dinner, or discussed it after watching a George Romero film with a loved one. I know Mr. Zombie and I have our plan of action. Hey, people have to be prepared, damn it. 

The invitations are now halfway done, thanks to the enormous help from my lovely slaves bridesmaids. Just a few more snips and glue dots to go and they’ll be ready to ship!

T-minus 4 months…

Posted in Details, projects on Wednesday, July 1, 2009 by nightmarewedding

So far in wedding planning, we have accomplished:

– figured out basic reception details (ie. some logistics, menu, estimated cost)
– locked down ceremony venue
– roughly planned out wedding cupcakes
– found my wedding shoes!
– wedding dress planned, wedding hat on the way.
– bridesmaids’ outfits are attained
– two of three groomsmen outfits attained
– Princess Lasertron flowers are ordered
– bridal shower invites are sent out (you rock, Ramona!)
– 2 of 3 registries completed
– locked down officiant
– hotel room reserved for wedding night 
– invitation mock-ups completed
– favour tags are done 
– secured the best photographer ever! 
– finalize guest list 



– finalize reception decor and how to execute it within parametres of set-up schedule
– make programs and send them to printers’
– make and send out invitations
– build a podium for the ceremony
– write vows/ceremony with officiant
– find groom’s  outfit
– alter wedding party outfits (silkscreen project!)
– start making my wedding dress
–  make signs for guestbook/photobooth/money box
– build money box
– finalize reception and cake details
– make arrangements with hotel for out-of-town guests
– favours and wedding party presents
– make a movie poster for the wedding 
– figure out mini-moon (honeymoon will commence in 2010!) 

……. oh jebus. There’s still a lot of stuff to do….