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Happy Four Year Dateaversary, Mr. Zombie!

Posted in Events on Saturday, December 5, 2009 by nightmarewedding

Dear Mr. Zombie,

It’s been four years since we’ve met. Four years since that cold, snowy night when we argued about David Cronenberg, shared an awkward racist moment and you declined to buy me a bagel at Timmies even though it was my birthday. Looking back on it now, that date really could have ended horribly, yet here we are… married, with a brigade of four spoiled rotten cats, creating a lot of art together and still very crazy for each other. Let’s keep up the love, yes?

A proposal for today: since they’re shutting down our beloved first date theatre, the Carlton Cinemas this weekend ( those bastards! Damn them all to hell!), I propose that we re-create that hilarious movie night (minus the cronenberg) where it all began. My treat (and no, I won’t hold this against you like that bagel I mentioned earlier… )! Sound snazzy? Yes?

I love you, Poopie! Happy dateaversary!

– Mrs. Zombie ūüôā


All we are saying, is give ZOMBIES a chance!

Posted in Events with tags , , on Monday, September 14, 2009 by nightmarewedding

We may be waist deep in wedding-planning, but it doesn’t mean that we’re not going to devote time to some zombie fun! We are, after all, the Zombies here! We’ve been obsessed with everything zombie for a while now, and what better time to geek out zombie style than to participate in the annual zombie walk! 2009 is special for zombie fans because there are TWO zombie walks this year! The first one just happened this past weekend and we wasted no time in breaking out the fake blood.

This time around, we decided to take advantage of the heat (as zombie walks usually take place in the cold mid-autumn weather) and go as one of our favourite celebrity couples: John and Yoko*.


It wasn’t that much of a stretch. ¬†I was asian and Mr. Zombie looked freakishly like John Lennon anyway. All it took was a white bed sheet, some makeup and fake blood and the result was this:


Yes, this is what we like to do for fun on a Saturday afternoon.

I can’t imagine getting tired of the zombie walk. The shuffling, the gore makeup, the themed costumes… hell, I can see us doing this when we’re 80 with walkers! As Mr. Zombie and I got engaged during one of these annual zombie walks, this event will always be extra special. Can’t wait for October 24th for the second zombie walk, two years after Mr. Zombie popped the question and one week before we tie the knot!

*And no… we don’t care if Yoko may have broken up the Beatles. They were a cute couple, damn it.

Meeting the officiant

Posted in Events, Friendors with tags , , , on Saturday, August 8, 2009 by nightmarewedding

With all the other frilly details like food and favours, it seems the actual wedding ceremony itself ends up taking a bit of a while sitting on the sidelines. No one wants to tackle it right away because, well, it’s too meaningful to deal with lightly. At least, we felt intimidated by it. Mr. Zombie had only been to one wedding ceremony so far (Scott and Ramona’s last year) and I had been to a lot of weddings in my lifetime, and most of them had been lavish Filipino Catholic weddings. Given the kind of people we are and the theme of our wedding, it’s kind of hard to find the right words to make a ceremony fun and unique without getting rid of the sincerity of the event. Thank Jebus we have a wedding officiant who totally puts the best movie wedding officiant to shame.

Best. Movie. Officiant. Ever.

We met up with our wedding officiant earlier this week. She was referred to us by All Seasons Weddings, a sort of wedding officiant collective that pairs you up with the best officiant for whatever kind of ceremony you want to have. She was stoked to do a Halloween wedding, we were told that this wasn’t her first (apparently she did a vampire themed wedding one year, AWESOME!!!!). We were pretty excited to have her as our officiant, especially since her short blurb on the website talks about her support for same sex marriage and how proud she was to live in a country where we have the right to marry who we love regardless of sex (something that Mr. Zombie and I are also huge supporters of). Well, after finally meeting with her this week, both of us are even more stoked to have her as our officiant. She is a very interesting person, funny as hell and a total geek at heart! I wouldn’t be surprised if we kept in touch long after our wedding is over. In fact, she and her husband are also filmmakers who are working on some neat projects that both Mr. Zombie and I would love to help out with (A zombie film? Who wouldn’t want to work on that?).¬†It turns out that she is also friends with another friend we have in the film industry who was invited to the wedding. Small world, huh?

Anyway, Mr. Zombie and I really had no idea what we wanted in a ceremony. The only things we wanted to acknowledge were Halloween, celebrating the movie theatre we’re getting hitched in, as well as some other geeky references. Our officiant didn’t shake her head in disbelief at any of our seemingly silly suggestions. She had many excellent ideas to make our ceremony our own. She even came up with an awesome way to incorporate some wedding traditions from our cultural backgrounds into the ceremony: a mix between traditional Scottish hand-fasting and the Filipino cord and veil ceremony. We’re really excited to see what she is going to come up with!

After jotting down all our notes and ideas, we ordered some pizza and chatted for hours with her and her husband about filmmaking. We had a great time and it felt wonderful knowing that our ceremony was in good hands. She is going to send us a draft of her custom ceremony for us in a few days. Yay!

Now, all we need to worry about is writing our own vows. Any suggestions on where to start?

Showered with presents and CUPCAKES!

Posted in Events on Saturday, August 1, 2009 by nightmarewedding

Today was seemingly the first day of REAL summer here in Toronto. The sun was shining and the it was warm for once. A damn perfect day to hold a bridal shower!


My mom, FMIL and bridesmaids had been planning this event for weeks. Admittedly, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of having a bridal shower at first. I wasn’t too thrilled on throwing a party that focused only on me, and I grew up with having mostly guys as friends so I didn’t know what to expect from a backyard full of estrogen. It was something my mom had insisted I should experience, and in the end I’m really glad I did this because man… my bridal shower was so much fun!

My parents hosted the event at their house in the suburbs. They had been doing some minor renovations to this house for weeks, making sure that the backyard was all prettyfied for the big event. In typical Filipino fashion, my parents also went all out on the food and prepared a feast that could probably feed a small country. While they took care of the hosting and the food, my FMIL flew in from Ottawa and took care of the games. The bridesmaids took care of decor and logistics. They also started the cupcake trend that my shower ended up following.

Women from different parts of my life all got together today at my parents backyard, which was really interesting to experience. I had a couple of childhood friends who knew me since I was 11, a¬†couple of people from work and film school, and a huge chunk were girls from my shadow cast. My relatives (including my adorable baby niece Stella) as well as Alex’s aunt, cousin and godmother were also in attendance. Seeing many people you love together in one spot was the highlight of the whole thing, and it really made me realize how special our wedding would be just to have them all there too.

Also, I must admit that getting presents is always¬†freakin’ sweet! I felt like I was five-years old having a kids party with people showering me with snazzy presents… only this time I was getting a little too excited over salad bowls, bedsheets and spice racks (… have I really gotten this old?!). Registry aside, I was really impressed at how well these women knew me (even if most of them failed the “How well do you know Mr. and Miss Zombie” game FMIL Zombie had). 90%¬†of them got red and black wrapping paper, which meant that my paper plate hat was coordinated in a super epic way!


While I opened presents, Ramona was sitting beside me, deeply concentrated as she constructed this paper plate hat using bows and tissue paper from the gifts. Yes. It was totally made of awesome.


We spent an entire afternoon playing games, opening presents and eating. Once we were stuffed with food and cupcakes, MORE cupcakes showed up at the end of the shower when my wedding cake baker, Lena showed up with a batch. She also had quick prototypes of our wedding cupcakes. They are as yummy as they look.


I’m still bouncing off the sugar high I’m on right now from the amount of cupcakes I’ve eaten. I’m sure everyone still is. My Facebook News Feed is flooded with comments about cupcakes.

Anyway, here are some fun photos from the day. Best. Shower. Ever.










(My baby niece was the youngest shower attendee. Not going to lie… she made my ovaries tingle).

To all the women who shared their estrogen to the shower: Thank you so much for coming and giving me some love! ūüôā