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Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE!

Posted in Details, Friendors with tags , , , , on Tuesday, October 20, 2009 by nightmarewedding

Less than two weeks until the wedding and we are starting to receive products from our vendors. It’s a strange feeling when you first see the tactile outcome of all your hypothetical and conceptual discussions that happened who knows how many moons ago. I think this of all things probably makes the wedding feel more real now.

We received our wedding rings in the mail last week. For a few months, we had been emailing and making long distance calls back and forth with our awesome jewelry artisan, Chris from Steelwerks in Montreal. Working with Chris on our rings was a wonderful experience. He was honest and incredibly thorough. He really made sure that we got exactly what we had wanted, but also threw in some awesome ideas to get the full effect of the concept we had envisioned. The process from the final sketches on the drawing board to the shipping was also quite speedy for custom work. In short: we HIGHLY recommend working with Steelwerks for all your stainless steel/titanium jewelry needs!

Now the ring design. Our original concept was for the rings to connect at the top somehow. This isn’t because we wanted to symbolically portray two lives becoming one or anything… it was because we wanted to be able to randomly give each other props while shouting “WONDER TWIN POWERS ACTIVATE!”

Yea. We’re serious when we say that we’re just that full of geek cred.

So, this funny little idea shared with Chris resulted in this:



I was drooling on my iPhone screen when Chris first sent me these photos. Mr. Zombie almost made me deaf when he squealed like a happy little school girl after I forwarded him the email. No words can describe how perfect they are… except for maybe “Wonder Twin Powers, ACTIVATE!”


The rings lock in so well! As soon as we got them, we had been playing with them and giving demos to all of our friends. We didn’t even need to say what cheeseball pop culture reference we were inspired by… every single person we showed them to squealed the famous line and reminisced about their hilarious misadventures.

The rings also came with a wonderful surprise:


Who needs Paloma’s Nest* when you’ve got a super badass custom stainless steel ring holder that locks your rings in perfectly? Most importantly… this solid piece of work can kill zombies if the zombie apocalypse should arise… just sayin’. ;P

Thanks Chris for making the best wedding rings ever! We’ll be sure to stop by when we’re in Montreal!

* Nothing against Paloma’s Nest of course. I do think the bowls are cute… it’s just that whenever I think of wedding ring bowls I automatically think of them because it seems like everyone’s ordered a Paloma’s Nest for their jewelry holding needs.


Hair and tiny hats!

Posted in Friendors, Outfit on Monday, October 5, 2009 by nightmarewedding

On the subject of styling my hair for the wedding, there were two things that I was absolutely adamant about:

1. Veils are a big no-no unless it is a birdcage veil in a colour that is NOT white.
2. A wedding is the best excuse to splurge on a mini hat.

Ah, the mini hat. Little top hats. Fascinators. Feathers. My weakness.  Being a huge fan of the Burlesque style, I grew quite the obsession with mini-hats and am constantly trying to find a perfect opportunity to wear them. When we first started planning the wedding, I was glued to Etsy in search for this wedding hat. You could even say that I was more OCD about it than my wedding dress. The first milliner I commissioned was Creepsuela, who had a great rep for making beautiful mini-top hats. However, the great hat/postage mishap of June 2009 nearly broke my heart and I thought I would never see the hat I had been dreaming of for nearly a year… but guess what? IT ARRIVED! …. but only after I had commissioned a second talented milliner, Bubbles and Frown to make me a wonderful little asymmetrical hat with a more true to Halloween aesthetic.


So now I have two wedding hats. Bubbles and Frown will be my ceremony and reception hat. Creepsuela will be my after party and Rocky hat. I am madly in love with both of them.

Now what to do for the hair? Originally, true to pin-up and burlesque fashion I was more drawn to soft curls that scream classic Hollywood glam. Unfortunately, from past experience, my hair is kind of a pain in the ass to deal with when it came to curls so I was concerned about how long it will last.


Yea. I know. Another Dita Von Teese reference photo. I can’t help it if I want to be like her when I grow up!

My hair and makeup artist, Jenni Evil had a different vision in her mind, one that would compliment both Halloween and the wedding hats at the same time. She wanted to do a messy sort-of-up-do that, at least, in the way I saw it, channeled some Helena Bonham Carter circa Sweeney Todd.


While an up-do wasn’t the first thing I had envisioned for my hair, I kept an open mind and let her experiment with my hair last night during my trial. What she came up with was so wonderfully loud and crazy that it was perfect!*



Here is the trial hair with my Creepsuela hat. The photo doesn’t quite show the epic volume of poof that I actually had going on, but I love it! The lesson for today is: make sure you give your friendors some room to play, you never know what kind of awesome thing they will come up with that could even be better than your original idea!

*Well, almost. We realized at the end of the trial that the fancy sides-swept ponytail should have been placed on the other side to accommodate the shape of both hats and my partly shaved head. It’ll look more badass during the wedding!

Meeting the officiant

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With all the other frilly details like food and favours, it seems the actual wedding ceremony itself ends up taking a bit of a while sitting on the sidelines. No one wants to tackle it right away because, well, it’s too meaningful to deal with lightly. At least, we felt intimidated by it. Mr. Zombie had only been to one wedding ceremony so far (Scott and Ramona’s last year) and I had been to a lot of weddings in my lifetime, and most of them had been lavish Filipino Catholic weddings. Given the kind of people we are and the theme of our wedding, it’s kind of hard to find the right words to make a ceremony fun and unique without getting rid of the sincerity of the event. Thank Jebus we have a wedding officiant who totally puts the best movie wedding officiant to shame.

Best. Movie. Officiant. Ever.

We met up with our wedding officiant earlier this week. She was referred to us by All Seasons Weddings, a sort of wedding officiant collective that pairs you up with the best officiant for whatever kind of ceremony you want to have. She was stoked to do a Halloween wedding, we were told that this wasn’t her first (apparently she did a vampire themed wedding one year, AWESOME!!!!). We were pretty excited to have her as our officiant, especially since her short blurb on the website talks about her support for same sex marriage and how proud she was to live in a country where we have the right to marry who we love regardless of sex (something that Mr. Zombie and I are also huge supporters of). Well, after finally meeting with her this week, both of us are even more stoked to have her as our officiant. She is a very interesting person, funny as hell and a total geek at heart! I wouldn’t be surprised if we kept in touch long after our wedding is over. In fact, she and her husband are also filmmakers who are working on some neat projects that both Mr. Zombie and I would love to help out with (A zombie film? Who wouldn’t want to work on that?). It turns out that she is also friends with another friend we have in the film industry who was invited to the wedding. Small world, huh?

Anyway, Mr. Zombie and I really had no idea what we wanted in a ceremony. The only things we wanted to acknowledge were Halloween, celebrating the movie theatre we’re getting hitched in, as well as some other geeky references. Our officiant didn’t shake her head in disbelief at any of our seemingly silly suggestions. She had many excellent ideas to make our ceremony our own. She even came up with an awesome way to incorporate some wedding traditions from our cultural backgrounds into the ceremony: a mix between traditional Scottish hand-fasting and the Filipino cord and veil ceremony. We’re really excited to see what she is going to come up with!

After jotting down all our notes and ideas, we ordered some pizza and chatted for hours with her and her husband about filmmaking. We had a great time and it felt wonderful knowing that our ceremony was in good hands. She is going to send us a draft of her custom ceremony for us in a few days. Yay!

Now, all we need to worry about is writing our own vows. Any suggestions on where to start?

Let them eat CUPCAKES!

Posted in Edibles, Friendors with tags , on Thursday, February 19, 2009 by nightmarewedding

I watch the Food Network religiously. I am so addicted to it that I cannot sleep unless the soothing voice of Chef Ramsay is speaking in the background. My favourite show are the creative pastry-making ones. If I wasn’t going to marry Mr. Zombie, I probably would have hopped on a plane to Baltimore to hump Duff Goldman’s leg. 


He may have mastered the art of tiered cakes, but he is a GOD when it comes to diorama cakes. His incredibly detailed pastry creations of buildings, vehicles and electric guitars made Mr. Zombie and I dream of a wedding cake well beyond the traditional icing flowers. Our dream cake would be an edible version of the Halloween Town graveyard… complete with Spiral Hill. 


I know. Epic. 

We had to scale it back after we gave it some thought. A diorama cake of this proportion would be well beyond our budget. We also thought it would be incredibly awkward for guests to try to eat a slice of cake on a plate with a fork while standing during our cocktail reception. The only inexpensive and practical way of covering the cake business is to opt for the cupcake route instead. 


There are a lot of pros that come with having a cupcake wedding cake. For one, cupcakes are more portable so guests can eat them while standing without much mess. Since cupcakes don’t require utensils to enjoy, we would also save on cake cutting fees. We could also order multiple cupcake flavours so guests could choose their favourite. Still, it’s not going to be the same as the epic scene cake of our dreams…

Unless you have an awesome family friend who so happens to be a master pastry chef. 

Lena is a family friend dating back to when we lived in the Philippines. Her family were neighbours of mine, and now we both live in the same city. She currently works in one of the cutest, yummiest bakeries in Toronto and she’s got a lot of wedding cake design experience under her belt. We approached her last summer about our cupcake order. She had a lot of really cool ideas then and we were stoked about what she had to offer. I mean, she came up with having rectangular cupcakes instead so that she could turn them into individual graves! 


Cupcakes that are more epic than these already cool ones? Say WHHHHAAAAATTTTTT?

Anyway, I hadn’t talked to her in a little while since we never got around to planning the wedding further.  A couple of days ago, I decided to stop by her bakery to say hi and talk over coffee and raspberry tarts. While we caught up on what we had been up to the past few months, I casually asked her if there was any more updates on our wedding cake. 


Lena: “Oh yeah… I think I got it all figured out… except for the moon. I’m not quite sure how to make the moon yet, but it will get done.”

Me: “Umm… excuse me? You’re making us a moon?”

Lena: “Oh yea, I’m making you the whole graveyard for the cupcakes to sit on instead of a boring cake stand. I mean, if you have cupcake graves, they have to sit in a graveyard, right?”

………………….. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 She is a genius. I can’t wait to see how our cake will unfold!

How did you guys come up with your wedding cake concept?