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Boo-urns, reception venue!

Posted in Venue on Sunday, April 5, 2009 by nightmarewedding

Our reception venue has turned into that stupid ex-boyfriend who makes empty promises that leave you waiting for him at home on a Friday night in your really pretty evening dress. 

First, it was the illusive 2009 menu. It was supposed to show up in the beginning of 2009 (duh, as it IS the 2009 menu). It was then pushed back to February… then March… we really were starting to think it didn’t exist. I JUST got it in my inbox the other day, four months into the new year. The funny thing is that not much has changed except for a few price increases here and there. The candy bar option is now non-existent since they insist on charging an arm and a leg for it. Really, if we could feed a hundred trick-or-treating kids a decent amount of candy for $30, there is no reason for a candy bar to cost this much (unless the word “wedding” magically adds an extra $500). Bringing in our own candy isn’t an option because there are no outside food allowed in the venue save for the wedding cake*.

Then, it was the cancelled meetings with the venue’s event coordinator. There have been two or three so far, all because she flaked out. The latest cancellation angered me especially. She had insisted on meeting with us on Good Friday next week despite me reminding her that it was a holiday. Then, I received this email the other day: 


Dear Miss Zombie,

I’m sorry, but I just realized that it is Good Friday and I won’t be at work. We will have to re-schedule, I’m afraid. Let me know what works for you, please.



Just realized? JUST REALIZED? I had emailed her weeks ago asking if she was sure since it was GOOD FRIDAY of the EASTER WEEKEND!

It’s a good thing that my FMIL, who was supposed to make the trip down from Ottawa to be present at the meeting cancelled because we would have felt terrible for her wasting a trip. Re-scheduling really wouldn’t have been a big deal had it not been for the fact that Mr. Zombie and I never have days off together (his days off are Thursdays and Fridays while I get normal weekends off) save for the two days a month when we are too busy putting together our monthly shadow cast performance at a local cinema. We also work 9-6 jobs, which makes it nearly impossible to catch the venue’s event coordinator since she’s also working on the same schedule.  Since all our little DIY projects depends on what is discussed with this venue, we can’t move forward with our wedding planning until we have this meeting. 

If we could turn back time, we probably wouldn’t have chosen this venue, but alas, half our total rental deposit has been placed and there is nothing much we can do but bend over and take it. However, we would feel like total pushovers if we, in fact, bent over and took it, especially since so much money has been invested in this venue. What do we do? Why is wedding planning this stressful? Does it get worse from here?


* which was also an ordeal on its own, but then the venue made “an exception”…. as if they never had weddings that had wedding cakes before. 


Going to the Movie Theatre, going to get maarriiieeddd!

Posted in Venue with tags , , on Tuesday, February 17, 2009 by nightmarewedding

It all started as a farfetched fantasy– a joke, if you will. “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we got married in a movie theatre? Dude, that would TOTALLY make sense!” 

I mean, we did try. We looked at posh venues that used to be movie theatres and art galleries that had screening rooms in the back. Those lame attempts were axed  because they were either too expensive, or in the latter case, the event manager was a douchebag. I mean, it worked out for us in the end. We found a pretty cool gallery space to hold our wedding anyway. So died our dream of serving popcorn at our ceremony. 

It wasn’t until an innocent inquiry from our good friend and bridesmaid, Ramona* that triggered the dream again: “so, why AREN’T you getting married in a REAL movie theatre?”

Good point. We hadn’t really looked at real movie theatres before. I guess it was because we figured that all the cool independent movie theatres in the city would be completely booked on Halloween. With the Rocky Horror screenings and the cheesy horror movie marathons, how would they ever squeeze in an hour for a geeky wedding ceremony?

“It doesn’t hurt to ask, ya know,” Ramona said with a shrug, “I mean, you know the people at that movie theatre you’re always in.”

She did bring a good point. In the past few months, Mr. Zombie and I had been actively participating in a shadow cast troupe** that was in the process of becoming a monthly-ran tradition at a particular independent cinema in the city. As a result, we had been very much in the loop of the hip-happenings of that theatre and had been working hard with the managers to promote their events. Even before this opportunity fell onto our laps, we were ALWAYS at this cinema watching movies.

bloor002Mr. Zombie and I with our friend and makeup artist extraordinaire during an annual horror/cult film festival. Mr. Zombie and I had passes. We lived off of Red Bull and candy that week.

It was also in front of this theatre that Mr. Zombie proposed to me after the Annual Zombie Walk in 2007. This theatre had a lot of history for us. Besides, doesn’t this interior just beat any stuffy church?


Our hearts were set on it. While figuring out shadow cast-related logistics with the theatre manager yesterday, I casually popped the question, “so… err… can we hold our ceremony in your theatre for Halloween?”

“Dude, that would be AWESOME!” 

Yeap, the theatre manager was really stoked about the idea. We still have to work out a few logistics, but for the most part it looks like the Zombies might be tying the knot on the same stage they perform in, and in front of the same screen they showed their film in, inside the theatre they got engaged in. Pretty freakin’ sweet!



* Ramona isn’t her real name. I just thought she’d want to be named after Ramona Flowers of awesome graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim for the sake of this blog. Her husband and our groomsman would now be henceforth referred to as Scott.

** This is probably the main reason why we neglected to further plan our wedding in the past few months.