The Montrealmoon of Gluttony

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Mr. Zombie  and I had been looking forward to our minimoon for months now. Not only was it a well-deserved vacation after a stressful few months, but the minimoon also meant consuming copious amounts of wonderful Quebec food that we only get half-ass versions of in Ontario. Given the amount of food babies we both conceived during this six-day trip to Montreal, we officially dubbed this minimoon “The Montrealmoon of Gluttony”.


The Bed&Breakfast we stayed at, Le Petit Prince really delivered when it came to breakfast. Every morning between 8 and 10AM, Pam (the most awesome B&B host ever!) made us a hearty and healthy breakfast to start our day. On some days, we ate downstairs in the dining area, but for most mornings we had it sent up to our room so we could have breakfast in bed. Breakfast usually consisted of one freshly baked pastry (ie. muffins, scones and mini-croissants) appetizer, an epic main course (ie. French Toast, waffles, omelettes and quite possibly the best homefries I’ve ever had) and a huge serving of fruit. For drinks, we had freshly squeezed orange juice and a choice of either coffee or tea. While Mr. Zombie savoured his coffee, I opted for pomegranate and echinacea tea, which tasted wonderful.

When we were full of yummy breakfast, Mr. Zombie and I headed out to explore the city through its art, architecture and most importantly, it’s food. Montreal is home to some of the most delicious comfort food! Let me show you:


Quebec Cheese. OK, so, we ended up not taking photos of us actually getting Quebec cheese from the Jean Talon Market. We were too busy trying to keep control and not spend all our honeymoon money on fromage. The woman at the Cheese Shoppe gave us tons of yummy samples. We came out of the store with our top two favourite cheese to take home. It’s now sitting in our fridge, uneaten. It pains me to be sick and not be able to eat it right now.


Cafe Myriade Coffee and Tea. A friend of ours insisted that we try to find this place since it was owned by a good friend of his. It turned out that this little coffee shop was only a couple of blocks away from our B&B. They’ve got tons of wonderful tea, my favourite of which is the “Flu Fighter” which really got me through those couple of crappy sore throat mornings. What’s the best drink to get here? Try either the hot chocolate or the Cafe Mocha. It’s made with real melted dark chocolate! I now know what they mean when they compare chocolate to sex. This chocolate was wonderful!


Mini Cannoli. Pam suggested to pick these pastries up from this little Italian bakery just south of the Jean Talon Market. These mini cannolis were just the perfect size and sweetness! We bought a few more, plus a variety of Italian pastries.

IMG_3962Montreal bagels. There were two bagel shops just a couple of blocks away from each other that were competing for the title of the Best Bagel Shop in Montreal.

IMG_3968St. Viateur Bagel had the most awesome all-dressed bagels I’ve ever had. They were light, they were fluffy… and they taste like onions. Mmm. Onions. This was Mr. Zombie’s hands down favourite.


I was on the fence on this one. Fairmount Bagel had an awesome texture to their bagels. It was a little bit heavier, but still really good. We took a half dozen bagels from each bagel shop home.


Montreal Smoked Meat. Schwartz’s on Rue St. Laurent is a must-see in Montreal. It’s a smoked meat deli restaurant that is so good, there’s constantly a lineup out the door for them. We were lucky to arrive there during their downtime (which was still quite crowded, but there was barely a lineup this time around). Mr. Zombie and I each ordered a small plate of smoked meat. It came with some bread and a bottle of mustard.


Mr. Zombie turned into… well… a zombie after eating at Schwartz’s. His food coma didn’t go away until the next morning.


Bar B Barn Ribs. Mr. Zombie was very excited to eat here. His dad used to take him to this old rib restaurant when he was little. He described the ribs to be like something you’d see from the Flinstones. He did not exaggerate. I thought I was going to pass out when the waitress plopped the full rack of ribs in front of me.

And finally… the Number 1 must-eat in Montreal:


Poutine. *drool*. You would think that the concept of fries, gravy and cheese curds is too simple to perfect, but no one has ever done a better job on making poutine than the French Canadians. It was a good thing that La Banquise, THE 24-hour Poutine place in Montreal was a bit of a trek away from our B&B, otherwise we would have had this twice a day, every day (we only went a total of two times during the trip).



The faces of pure, artery-clogging bliss.


How to fight the sick

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Now that the wedding and honeymoon are over, my body is now in pure vedging mode. It also seemed to allow itself to do what it’s been trying to do for the past month: catch a bad cold. While I’ve been suffering through the sore throat, runny nose and general unpleasantness that come with being sick, I’m actually kind of relieved that I got this now, during my extra downtime at home before going back to work instead of say… I don’t know… during the wedding?

Anyone who knows me will probably agree that I’ve got the shittiest immune system. If there was a cold going around, I was bound to catch it. Between being around friends and family who were sick, the Canadian fall weather flip-flopping drastically and running around constantly trying to finish last minute projects on top of a bazillion other things, I was absolutely terrified of getting sick around the same time as our wedding. As a result, I became almost OCD when it came to taking health precautions weeks before our big day. It had helped me greatly. I didn’t get sick*.

Aside from the usual eating healthy , upping the vitamin intake and washing my hands frequently, here is the one essential thing I swear by to avoid getting sick for the wedding (or in general… because really, who likes being sick?).


Oil of Wild Oregano. You can find them at any health food store. It is a natural healing superhero in a bottle. Just take a few drops of this baby under your tongue, gulp it down with a big glass of orange juice and that’s it. Truthfully, it does take like ass (hence why you have to gulp it down with juice), but it works really well.

I had been taking oil of oregano drops twice a day in the weeks leading up to the wedding. When I forgot it at home the night before our big day, I ran to the nearest health food store to get a new bottle. It saved me, Lenore AND even Mr. Zombie from the dreaded worsening sore throat that we all started feeling the day before! It also saved us from getting sick during the honeymoon… we even shared a tender moment with the woman running the B&B when we all took oregano drops together after breakfast (she had a Costco size bottle).

So make sure you’ve got oil of oregano in your bride kit. It’ll save you from the sniffles (well, at least until everything is done and you can afford to vedge in bed with your box of Kleenex and a bowl of chicken soup)!

* Save for the weekend before when I managed to get a really mild cold and pink eye from the annual zombie walk. The Oil of Oregano and some special eyedrops saved me out of that one in less than 48 hours!

We’re MARRIED!!!

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I did it! I married my BFF on Halloween! It feels pretty freakin’ sweet.

I’m sitting on the floor of my honeymoon suite in a cute little bed and breakfast in Montreal. Mr. Zombie is still asleep, so I’ve snuck on the computer to write a quick blurb about how insanely perfect our wedding day was.

When I was little, I barely gave weddings a second thought. My bridesmaid, Eponine (not her real name, but she LOVES Les Mis :D) and I figured I’d be the last to get married… that is… if I ever got married. So, to answer the common question “is it the wedding you’ve always dreamed of since you were little?” my answer would be: I would definitely imagine so. While I didn’t think about weddings as a little girl… there were many elements in this wedding that I’ve definitely obsessed about ever since I was little: the passion for film, the love of Tim Burton, Halloween, technology and most importantly, finding someone who could share these little bouts of geekery with for the rest of my life. So yes… I do believe that this was the perfect wedding for us!

I won’t go into too much detail as I do want to write a bazillion recaps of every aspect of this awesome day. I will leave you with a few quick highlights that stuck in my head about our day. ANDDDD GO.

– Thanks to my awesome friendors working on my wedding look, I looked so freakin’ burlesque, I gave everyone a lot of side boob tease!

– Mr. Zombie looked hot. Very very hot. So very hot. Hot. Hot. Hot.

– Someone has to upload the video of Mr. Zombie walking down the aisle to THE BATMAN THEME. I missed it, but from the cheers I heard from the lobby, it must have been epic.

– I had never heard so much laughter during a ceremony before. Even our officiant couldn’t hold it in! This is what made our ceremony so perfect… it was genuine, lighthearted and a lot of fun.

– I have the best bridesmaids in the world. Each of them really came through for me from fluffing my dress, to chanting “DEAD BABIES!” with me when I was trying to keep calm minutes before the ceremony.

– The groomsmen looked so hot. Especially Mr. Zombie’s groomsgirl, who was a good sport and wore her tie over her dress with pride!

– epic wedding cake of epicness. That is all.

– I thought I had reached my crying limit when my mom did her speech at the reception. Then I danced with my dad. I was even more of a blubbering mess after that dance.

– Our Repo! shadow cast screamed “EVERYBODY! EVERYBODY MAKE YOUR FIANCE YOUR SPOUSE!” right before Mr. Zombie and I were announced as husband and wife. We love you guys!

– We were so exhausted by the time we got to Rocky Horror… but man was it ever so much fun! Thank you Excited Mental State for ending our wedding day with a bang!

– Seeing all these people you love from different aspects of your life was truly a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for coming, guys!

Mr. Zombie and I have started a Flickr pool for guests to submit their photos from our wedding. Please add to them!

Alright… I think it’s time for breakfast! 🙂 Recaps to commence after the honeymoon!

One day more…

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My brain is mush with all the last-minute wedding projects, so I’ll keep this short and sweet and leave the rest for recaps.


See you on the other side!

Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE!

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Less than two weeks until the wedding and we are starting to receive products from our vendors. It’s a strange feeling when you first see the tactile outcome of all your hypothetical and conceptual discussions that happened who knows how many moons ago. I think this of all things probably makes the wedding feel more real now.

We received our wedding rings in the mail last week. For a few months, we had been emailing and making long distance calls back and forth with our awesome jewelry artisan, Chris from Steelwerks in Montreal. Working with Chris on our rings was a wonderful experience. He was honest and incredibly thorough. He really made sure that we got exactly what we had wanted, but also threw in some awesome ideas to get the full effect of the concept we had envisioned. The process from the final sketches on the drawing board to the shipping was also quite speedy for custom work. In short: we HIGHLY recommend working with Steelwerks for all your stainless steel/titanium jewelry needs!

Now the ring design. Our original concept was for the rings to connect at the top somehow. This isn’t because we wanted to symbolically portray two lives becoming one or anything… it was because we wanted to be able to randomly give each other props while shouting “WONDER TWIN POWERS ACTIVATE!”

Yea. We’re serious when we say that we’re just that full of geek cred.

So, this funny little idea shared with Chris resulted in this:



I was drooling on my iPhone screen when Chris first sent me these photos. Mr. Zombie almost made me deaf when he squealed like a happy little school girl after I forwarded him the email. No words can describe how perfect they are… except for maybe “Wonder Twin Powers, ACTIVATE!”


The rings lock in so well! As soon as we got them, we had been playing with them and giving demos to all of our friends. We didn’t even need to say what cheeseball pop culture reference we were inspired by… every single person we showed them to squealed the famous line and reminisced about their hilarious misadventures.

The rings also came with a wonderful surprise:


Who needs Paloma’s Nest* when you’ve got a super badass custom stainless steel ring holder that locks your rings in perfectly? Most importantly… this solid piece of work can kill zombies if the zombie apocalypse should arise… just sayin’. ;P

Thanks Chris for making the best wedding rings ever! We’ll be sure to stop by when we’re in Montreal!

* Nothing against Paloma’s Nest of course. I do think the bowls are cute… it’s just that whenever I think of wedding ring bowls I automatically think of them because it seems like everyone’s ordered a Paloma’s Nest for their jewelry holding needs.

Hair and tiny hats!

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On the subject of styling my hair for the wedding, there were two things that I was absolutely adamant about:

1. Veils are a big no-no unless it is a birdcage veil in a colour that is NOT white.
2. A wedding is the best excuse to splurge on a mini hat.

Ah, the mini hat. Little top hats. Fascinators. Feathers. My weakness.  Being a huge fan of the Burlesque style, I grew quite the obsession with mini-hats and am constantly trying to find a perfect opportunity to wear them. When we first started planning the wedding, I was glued to Etsy in search for this wedding hat. You could even say that I was more OCD about it than my wedding dress. The first milliner I commissioned was Creepsuela, who had a great rep for making beautiful mini-top hats. However, the great hat/postage mishap of June 2009 nearly broke my heart and I thought I would never see the hat I had been dreaming of for nearly a year… but guess what? IT ARRIVED! …. but only after I had commissioned a second talented milliner, Bubbles and Frown to make me a wonderful little asymmetrical hat with a more true to Halloween aesthetic.


So now I have two wedding hats. Bubbles and Frown will be my ceremony and reception hat. Creepsuela will be my after party and Rocky hat. I am madly in love with both of them.

Now what to do for the hair? Originally, true to pin-up and burlesque fashion I was more drawn to soft curls that scream classic Hollywood glam. Unfortunately, from past experience, my hair is kind of a pain in the ass to deal with when it came to curls so I was concerned about how long it will last.


Yea. I know. Another Dita Von Teese reference photo. I can’t help it if I want to be like her when I grow up!

My hair and makeup artist, Jenni Evil had a different vision in her mind, one that would compliment both Halloween and the wedding hats at the same time. She wanted to do a messy sort-of-up-do that, at least, in the way I saw it, channeled some Helena Bonham Carter circa Sweeney Todd.


While an up-do wasn’t the first thing I had envisioned for my hair, I kept an open mind and let her experiment with my hair last night during my trial. What she came up with was so wonderfully loud and crazy that it was perfect!*



Here is the trial hair with my Creepsuela hat. The photo doesn’t quite show the epic volume of poof that I actually had going on, but I love it! The lesson for today is: make sure you give your friendors some room to play, you never know what kind of awesome thing they will come up with that could even be better than your original idea!

*Well, almost. We realized at the end of the trial that the fancy sides-swept ponytail should have been placed on the other side to accommodate the shape of both hats and my partly shaved head. It’ll look more badass during the wedding!

Warming up Repo! style

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As much as I love late fall, it does have its downsides. The most obvious being that it’s not exactly walk-around-in-a-tube-top weather. Being a child from a tropical country, I get cold really easily. If I don’t bundle up and walk around outside in 10 degree weather, BAM! I’ll surely be sickly and sneezing the next day. Since my dress is a strapless corset, I have to acquire a stylish fall coat fit for a Halloween bride.

This is where my nerdy love for Repo! The Genetic Opera came in handy.


One of the first things I fell in love with about this movie was the costume design. Starting the monthly shadow cast for this film gave me the opportunity to put together a lot of fun replica costumes based on this film. However, since I hadn’t played the character of Blind Mag yet, I never got a chance to commission the making of my favourite costume of the film: her hooded cloak. Well, this wedding is my excuse to finally get one made!


Our very own Blind Mag, Dolly was kind enough to make me a cloak of my very own. She made this replica cloak herself when she took on the role in our cast back in March. She did such an awesome job and received so much praise from the Repo! community, including the costume designer of Repo!, Alex Kavanagh. It looks just like the real thing!


Well, Dolly just finished my Blind Mag cloak and I couldn’t have looked any more bad ass than this! It’s absolutely perfect for a Halloween wedding. I’d wear this cloak every day if I could!

Less than one month ’til the big day!