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The Montrealmoon of Gluttony

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Mr. Zombie  and I had been looking forward to our minimoon for months now. Not only was it a well-deserved vacation after a stressful few months, but the minimoon also meant consuming copious amounts of wonderful Quebec food that we only get half-ass versions of in Ontario. Given the amount of food babies we both conceived during this six-day trip to Montreal, we officially dubbed this minimoon “The Montrealmoon of Gluttony”.


The Bed&Breakfast we stayed at, Le Petit Prince really delivered when it came to breakfast. Every morning between 8 and 10AM, Pam (the most awesome B&B host ever!) made us a hearty and healthy breakfast to start our day. On some days, we ate downstairs in the dining area, but for most mornings we had it sent up to our room so we could have breakfast in bed. Breakfast usually consisted of one freshly baked pastry (ie. muffins, scones and mini-croissants) appetizer, an epic main course (ie. French Toast, waffles, omelettes and quite possibly the best homefries I’ve ever had) and a huge serving of fruit. For drinks, we had freshly squeezed orange juice and a choice of either coffee or tea. While Mr. Zombie savoured his coffee, I opted for pomegranate and echinacea tea, which tasted wonderful.

When we were full of yummy breakfast, Mr. Zombie and I headed out to explore the city through its art, architecture and most importantly, it’s food. Montreal is home to some of the most delicious comfort food! Let me show you:


Quebec Cheese. OK, so, we ended up not taking photos of us actually getting Quebec cheese from the Jean Talon Market. We were too busy trying to keep control and not spend all our honeymoon money on fromage. The woman at the Cheese Shoppe gave us tons of yummy samples. We came out of the store with our top two favourite cheese to take home. It’s now sitting in our fridge, uneaten. It pains me to be sick and not be able to eat it right now.


Cafe Myriade Coffee and Tea. A friend of ours insisted that we try to find this place since it was owned by a good friend of his. It turned out that this little coffee shop was only a couple of blocks away from our B&B. They’ve got tons of wonderful tea, my favourite of which is the “Flu Fighter” which really got me through those couple of crappy sore throat mornings. What’s the best drink to get here? Try either the hot chocolate or the Cafe Mocha. It’s made with real melted dark chocolate! I now know what they mean when they compare chocolate to sex. This chocolate was wonderful!


Mini Cannoli. Pam suggested to pick these pastries up from this little Italian bakery just south of the Jean Talon Market. These mini cannolis were just the perfect size and sweetness! We bought a few more, plus a variety of Italian pastries.

IMG_3962Montreal bagels. There were two bagel shops just a couple of blocks away from each other that were competing for the title of the Best Bagel Shop in Montreal.

IMG_3968St. Viateur Bagel had the most awesome all-dressed bagels I’ve ever had. They were light, they were fluffy… and they taste like onions. Mmm. Onions. This was Mr. Zombie’s hands down favourite.


I was on the fence on this one. Fairmount Bagel had an awesome texture to their bagels. It was a little bit heavier, but still really good. We took a half dozen bagels from each bagel shop home.


Montreal Smoked Meat. Schwartz’s on Rue St. Laurent is a must-see in Montreal. It’s a smoked meat deli restaurant that is so good, there’s constantly a lineup out the door for them. We were lucky to arrive there during their downtime (which was still quite crowded, but there was barely a lineup this time around). Mr. Zombie and I each ordered a small plate of smoked meat. It came with some bread and a bottle of mustard.


Mr. Zombie turned into… well… a zombie after eating at Schwartz’s. His food coma didn’t go away until the next morning.


Bar B Barn Ribs. Mr. Zombie was very excited to eat here. His dad used to take him to this old rib restaurant when he was little. He described the ribs to be like something you’d see from the Flinstones. He did not exaggerate. I thought I was going to pass out when the waitress plopped the full rack of ribs in front of me.

And finally… the Number 1 must-eat in Montreal:


Poutine. *drool*. You would think that the concept of fries, gravy and cheese curds is too simple to perfect, but no one has ever done a better job on making poutine than the French Canadians. It was a good thing that La Banquise, THE 24-hour Poutine place in Montreal was a bit of a trek away from our B&B, otherwise we would have had this twice a day, every day (we only went a total of two times during the trip).



The faces of pure, artery-clogging bliss.


Minimoon is booked!

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We call it the minimoon because the real honeymoon will commence in spring of 2010 when Mr. Zombie and I venture off into the far lands of Asia and USA for a month’s worth of multi-city backpacking misadventures. Since this expedition was going to be so big, we decided that the right-after-wedding-getaway had to be significantly smaller. We had thought about flying somewhere exotic and do one of those resort packages that were typical choices for honeymoons, but instead we decided to stay close to home despite the cold late fall weather. 

We decided to go to Montreal. 

Montreal is one of our favourite cities in Canada. It’s got a thriving art scene, amazing history and most importantly it has some of the best poutine dishes around (not to mention the Montreal smoked meat and the yummy Montreal bagels, Omnomnomnom!). We had only been there twice together in the span of our relationship, but during both times we were always too busy to really explore the city. Montreal is also Mr. Zombie’s city of birth. 

One of the main attractions we are looking forward to is the very place we are staying in. It is a cozy little Bed and Breakfast in the middle of the city that is named after one of my most favourite books of all time: Le Petit Prince. Mr. Zombie had discovered this little gem a couple of years ago when we both decided that we were in desperate need for a vacation (we ended up not going there though and went to his family cottage instead). This place looks absolutely adorable in photos. Each room in the house has a different colour theme, some of which had hot tubs (a luxury that neither of us have frequent access to), a fireplace and a private balcony. It seems like the perfect peaceful atmosphere for newlyweds. We’re excited. We booked our room this week!

To lessen the travel stress, Mr. Zombie and I also decided to ditch the rental car idea* and travel in style by train. We were fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of the Via Rail seat sale at the end of July so we got our tickets at 60% off. Win win!

So, yes… our minimoon is booked. I can’t wait for a relaxing vacation after all the wedding planning stress!


* Driving would have been insane, especially in Montreal where almost every driver seems like a maniac. Sorry I’m generalizing, but I feared for my life every time we drove around Montreal… 

And we’re ahead of the game!

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I take back what I said about our reception venue. It has become the ex-boyfriend-turned-boyfriend-who-redeemed-himself. We finally managed to catch the event coordinator at the venue this afternoon and we got to sit down and sift through a lot of details.  In fact, we got through more than what we had planned to accomplish and it feels great!

We managed to figure out some set-up logistics, which gave us all of the answers we needed in order to move forward with everything from schedule to decoration. We know now exactly what projects to give the green light to and what to axe. We can also plan out our game plan for our day and how many slaves helpful friends we need to rally up for certain tasks.

We also got to pick our menu! We’ve both been huge fans of the food served in our venue and so we were really excited for this part. Our event coordinator was really helpful in figuring out how much food was adequate to order. It turned out that we were pretty bang-on with the amount of food we were thinking of ordering when we made the list last night. The bill, which we had over-estimated to accommodate a guest list of 90 wasn’t that painful either. In fact, we would be under-budget even with taxes and gratuities. 

We are pretty stoked about the food we decided on. Not only are there comfort favourites such as poutine and gourmet mini-burgers, but we also have a ton of awesome vegetarian hors d’ourves and other fancy finger-foods with even fancier names I can barely pronounce. Our bar will even include a special blue drinks that comes in a little glass vial for all our nerdy friends.

The best part of this meeting? There really was no hidden fees. All this time, we had been dreading about different prices popping up for this, that and the other thing… but practically everything was included in the costs we had initially talked about. Wow. Impressive.

So for now, everything is coming up Milhouse!

What’s on the menu so far?: A Groom’s Perspective

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** The following is an old blog entry written by Mr. Zombie. It’s a short and sweet explanation of our artery-clogging menu so far. 


This is about what’s for dinner. 

We will be having what can only be described as heaven on plate and one of the best things to come out of Quebec ever.

So far poutine is for dinner. There will be two versions. A chicken gravy, as well as a mushroom gravy version for our vegetarian friends.

There will be other food too, we just need to figure the rest out. Poutine is a lock in any case.