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All we are saying, is give ZOMBIES a chance!

Posted in Events with tags , , on Monday, September 14, 2009 by nightmarewedding

We may be waist deep in wedding-planning, but it doesn’t mean that we’re not going to devote time to some zombie fun! We are, after all, the Zombies here! We’ve been obsessed with everything zombie for a while now, and what better time to geek out zombie style than to participate in the annual zombie walk! 2009 is special for zombie fans because there are TWO zombie walks this year! The first one just happened this past weekend and we wasted no time in breaking out the fake blood.

This time around, we decided to take advantage of the heat (as zombie walks usually take place in the cold mid-autumn weather) and go as one of our favourite celebrity couples: John and Yoko*.


It wasn’t that much of a stretch.  I was asian and Mr. Zombie looked freakishly like John Lennon anyway. All it took was a white bed sheet, some makeup and fake blood and the result was this:


Yes, this is what we like to do for fun on a Saturday afternoon.

I can’t imagine getting tired of the zombie walk. The shuffling, the gore makeup, the themed costumes… hell, I can see us doing this when we’re 80 with walkers! As Mr. Zombie and I got engaged during one of these annual zombie walks, this event will always be extra special. Can’t wait for October 24th for the second zombie walk, two years after Mr. Zombie popped the question and one week before we tie the knot!

*And no… we don’t care if Yoko may have broken up the Beatles. They were a cute couple, damn it.