Warming up Repo! style

As much as I love late fall, it does have its downsides. The most obvious being that it’s not exactly walk-around-in-a-tube-top weather. Being a child from a tropical country, I get cold really easily. If I don’t bundle up and walk around outside in 10 degree weather, BAM! I’ll surely be sickly and sneezing the next day. Since my dress is a strapless corset, I have to acquire a stylish fall coat fit for a Halloween bride.

This is where my nerdy love for Repo! The Genetic Opera came in handy.


One of the first things I fell in love with about this movie was the costume design. Starting the monthly shadow cast for this film gave me the opportunity to put together a lot of fun replica costumes based on this film. However, since I hadn’t played the character of Blind Mag yet, I never got a chance to commission the making of my favourite costume of the film: her hooded cloak. Well, this wedding is my excuse to finally get one made!


Our very own Blind Mag, Dolly was kind enough to make me a cloak of my very own. She made this replica cloak herself when she took on the role in our cast back in March. She did such an awesome job and received so much praise from the Repo! community, including the costume designer of Repo!, Alex Kavanagh. It looks just like the real thing!


Well, Dolly just finished my Blind Mag cloak and I couldn’t have looked any more bad ass than this! It’s absolutely perfect for a Halloween wedding. I’d wear this cloak every day if I could!

Less than one month ’til the big day!


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